Vietnam Expats New Normal

Covid-19 Vietnam: Expats’ New Normal


Flying to Vietnam amidst this pandemic is not easy, there are several travel restrictions and processes that foreigners need to abide by. 

In the case of Expats living in Vietnam, it has been quite a rough couple of months, with limited sources and closed borders as the government prioritized the safety and welfare of its citizens. The country’s economy and society have been healing from the nightmares of this crisis and some regulations have been updated as the country slowly opens its doors to the world.

For foreigners that entered Vietnam on visa-free terms, e-visa or tourist visa from March 1, 2020 will automatically extend their temporary residence valid until October 31, 2020. They can exit until the given deadline bypassing the procedure to extend their temporary residence. 

On the other hand, any foreigners who entered Vietnam before the 1st of March 2020 and were stranded in the country due to COVID-19 must have a diplomatic note (which includes a Vietnamese translation) certified by the Diplomatic Mission. If not, a written certification by Vietnamese authorities regarding any quarantine, treatment, or other imposed force majeure for a foreigner to be considered for the automatic temporary residency extension until 31st October, 2020 – the above note must be presented upon exit to the country.

Any foreigners considered for the automatic extension of temporary residency are mandated to declare any medical and residency document following the travel regulations. Foreigners who are not subject to the provisions as stated in Section 1 of the notice or committed other violations shall abide by the current provision provided by the Vietnamese law.

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