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Best Time to Visit Ha Giang Vietnam


Ha Giang in Vietnam is known for its epic natural wonders, its intriguing mountain passes, and distinct tribe culture. An ultimate explorable trail one will surely enjoy!

Are you ready to pack your stuff and go on an adventure? The first question is when to go to Hai Gang?

Generally, this place has great weather all year round but you also have to consider that due to its high altitude location, the season changes from time to time depending on months. Ha Giang has four seasons – Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. Its vibe and natural sceneries changes following the change of season too!

January to March – Spring comes in and flowers bloom

As soon as the month hits January, various flowers start to bloom around the province. Creating a picture-perfect rugged terrain of lush greens and colorful flowers adding a sprinkle of magic to its already superb landscape.

The province is sure to be swarmed by visitors in February anticipating the full bloom of these flowers! During these months, there is a little to no rainfall in the province. Expect blue and clear skies with an average of 19C – best time to trek around its mountains.

If you happen to arrive during Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year), expect to witness a series of local celebrations and cultural events as this is the biggest holiday of the year in Vietnam!

April to May – Warm pleasing weather

These months in Ha Giang are considered the most pleasant weather. With just the right amount of warm and cold, temperature reaches 24C in daytime. Typically, Ha Giang has clear blue skies during these months with little rainfall as it is almost the end of the dry season.

This is also the best time to explore Ha Giang, perfect weather and lesser crowds too!

When May hits, farmers start irrigating their rice fields creating a blue hue as reflection of the clear blue skies – this is a key point to start growing rice. Temperatures go as high as 29 C in the daytime.

The month of May also welcomes the start of the rainy season in Ha Giang.

June to August – Rain in summer

Summer hits Ha Giang from June until August. Temperature averages to 30 C however, expect random heavy rainfall throughout this season. Scattered rain with thunderstorms is a common sight during these months. It is not safe to trek or explores any terrains as it can be slippery.

Although these months bring random rainfall, it is advised to wear light clothing and hydrate from time to time as the heat and humidity can intensify.

September to October: Stunning flaxen rice fields

Rice fields in Ha Giang turn into golden hue between September and October, an indication that the rice has ripened.

The temperature drops slightly during these months averaging to 28 C in September and 27 C in October. Expect less showers during these months too!

November: Buckwheat flower terrain

During this month, expect an impeccable treat from Ha Giang. Feast your eyes as you wander around its mountainous terrain filled with tiny pink and violet flowers – Ha Giang’s signature scene. These flowers are known to be ‘buckwheat flowers’ that bloom in Ha Giang during the month of November.

November is considered the most pleasant weather all throughout the year as it has low rainfall and mild temperatures averages at 24 C but due to altitude, the nights can be chilly at 10 C.

December: Dry and cool vibe

December in Ha Giang is dry but cool at the same time. Its average temperature is at 19 C but can go as low as 15 C during the day and 5-10 C at night. You can enjoy a day’s worth of trekking and strolling through its terrains as the sky is usually clear and it’s not that scorchingly warm either – just the right amount of warm and cool that will bring ease to anyone traveling.

During this time, it might also worthwhile to witness some snow particularly in Meo Vac District!

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