Best time to visit beaches in Vietnam

Best Time to Visit Beaches in Vietnam


Best time to visit beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam is characterized by its charming S-shaped curve and a more-than-2000-mile coastline from the North to the South, dividing the country’s climate into various types of weather in different geographic regions and seasonal climates throughout the year.

Generally, the best time of year to visit Vietnam is around March – April and October – December when the weather is comfortable and plenty of festivals occur in the whole country.

Best time to visit beaches in Vietnam (March – August)

The best time to visit beaches in Vietnam falls in March. In the North, the temperatures tend to rise, making March an ideal time to go trekking to the highlands and take a Halong bay cruise. On the South and Central coast, you can enjoy sunshine days and mild weather on the beaches.

The following month which is April is the start of summer in the country and this is when the temperature is warm and light rains in the North. The central coast and highlands have crystal skies and beautiful beaches. April is the end of the dry season; then you can see a low chance of rain in the South.

Summer is the best time to travel to Vietnam beaches as you can enjoy the seascape to the fullest. The summer with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 35°C is the rainy season in the North of Vietnam.

It is quite hot but also the ideal time to see Vietnam under the blue sky, relax at crystal turquoise beaches and contemplate an awe-inspiring rainbow after a sudden shower in the afternoon.

Tropical beaches and coastline cities are the best destination to visit in June. It is a good time to visit Halong Bay, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Con Dao, etc. to enjoy pristine beaches. In Particular, June is the month of the turtle hatching season in Con Dao Island.

The central region between Da Nang and Nha Trang is the best place to enjoy the seascape in July. Despite the heat and infrequency of the rain, Vietnam weather in July is perfect for outdoor water activities on the central coastline.

August is still a good time to travel to Vietnam with a variety of rain-free hours in the day. On the whole, the central coast like Nha Trang is still amazing to spend a couple of days relaxing. Due to the peak of the wet season, August is considered one of the cheapest months to go to Vietnam

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