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Best Time to Travel Ninh Binh


Ninh Binh is home to towering pagodas and sacred temples. It is one of the go-to destinations in Vietnam due to its cultural sceneries and impeccable landscapes. It is also approximately 100KM away from Hanoi which makes it accessible to tourists and anyone who wish to visit.

So what do you need to know about the weather for when you visit this place?

Like other cities in Vietnam, Ninh Binh has a typical humid tropics climate which gradually changes from time to time. Like other northern cities in Vietnam, Ninh Binh has four seasons including winter (yes, winter!) which is considered a dry season, summer which is considered mostly rainy, spring and autumn with alternating periods.

Determining the best time to visit highly depends on the weather timing and what you aim to see in this place.

Generally, you can visit Ninh Binh any time you want to and still get the same stunning terrains and Instagrammable background that every tourist is aiming for.

However, the best time to visit this remarkable city is when it’s harvest time – from the end of May to the first week of July. The other perfect time to visit is when the locals are ready to reap the wet rice.

May – July: The perfect months of harvest time

Traveling to Ninh Binh during these months would not only give you fine weather to explore the picturesque terrains of this city but also to let you feast your eyes on the lotus found in Tam Coc – Bich Dong.

The vibe will surely bring you unexplainable joy as the scent of lotus floods the air. The month of May and July are also the best time to explore Ninh Binh – some of the famous attractions you need to add to your bucket list are the Mua Cave and and Trang An which are signature places to see associated with the city.

September – October: Reaping Months

Local farmers go out and reap the wet rice at the Ninh Binh rice fields. The temperatures during these months are usually cool. Enjoy a clear blue sky that reflects on the waterbeds in the rice fields.

Other Months in Ninh Binh

If your trip fell on other months, below are things you must know:

February – March: Incense burning

After the Lunar New Year, thousands of locals all over Vietnam rush to visit the Bai Dinh pagoda to offer their incense and pray for a year full of luck, immense joy and blessings for the family.

The traditional festival of the Hoa Lu ancient capital takes place on the 6th until the 8th of March annually. It would be a great experience to celebrate the recognition of noble heroes that help build the Hoa Lu kingdom and the State of Dai Co Viet.

August – September: A Surge of Rainfall

Traveling to Ninh Binh during these months can be a bit risky. Expect a lot of heavy downpour and typhoons making the whole trip challenging and totally inconvenient. You would also need to check the weather forecast from time to time to make sure it is safe to travel. On a good note, this is considered a low season – airfares, accommodations and tours are usually sold at a lower rate or discounted prices.

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