Best Time to Travel Da Lat

Best Time to Travel Da Lat

When is the best time to travel Da Lat? Know when the city of eternal springs is at its full bloom! Read this before you go by ExpatVN


When is the best time to travel Da Lat? Know when the city of eternal springs is at its full bloom! Read this before you go.

Spring (around January – March)

Spring is the best time to explore the capital of Lang Dong Province – Da Lat. This lasts from January to March with a temperature between 20 and 28 degrees celsius.

The temperature is generally low, not too windy and the sky is somewhat clear thus the formation of hoarfrost.

Da Lat is known for its full blossoming cherry trees and other vibrant flowers during spring, including roses, chrysanthemums, apricot flowers, lilies, carnations, and bauhinia variegata flowers.

There are also several cultural festivals all year round as the country celebrates plus it is New Year’s month. One of the most not-to-be-missed festivals is Dalat Flower Festival which only takes place once every two years.

The Festival of Gongs and the ceremony of worshipping stream God (held every March) are also some of the most anticipated during this time.

Note that during spring in Dalat, the temperature can be quite cold thus it is best to prepare a thin coat during any outdoor trips especially at night.

At day time, the weather can be sunny yet cold at the same time. It is advisable to have a jacket or a long sleeve handy.

Spring Season at Da Lat, Vietnam

Summer (around May – September)

Summer in Da Lat is painted with the purple jacaranda flowers. It floods the streets of the city and brings out a romantic vibe to the place.

These flowers show up mostly in May and June thus you can expect a purple magical experience that is best enjoyed with a loved one. Aside from the purple effect these months bring, the hills surrounding Da Lat are also painted lush greens as the teas planted here are at their full vibrance during summer.

Make sure to add visiting the tea plantation on your travel itinerary when in Da Lat.

Expect an average temperature around 24 to 31 degrees celsius. However, expect random showers and thunderstorms at noon and in the evening.

Summer Season at Da Lat, Vietnam

Autumn (around October – mid November)

During autumn in Da Lat, you can expect a temperature around In the autumn 24 and 31 degrees Celsius. Fall doesn’t last long in the city but the place shines in orange and yellow hues during these months.

Wild sunflowers are the best attraction to see during autumn. Along with this, couples and young adults flock to the city as it is considered the most captivating tourist season.

Traveling during the autumn season in Da Lat, you don’t have to worry so much about the cold as it is mild and bearable during these months.

However, it is still best to prepare a jacket or thin coats.

Autumn Season at Da Lat, Vietnam

Winter (around November – January)

Winter in Da Lat can be compared to the coldness of the North during this season. The average temperature is between 20 and 26 degrees Celsius.

However, when December comes, the temperature abruptly drops to near zero degrees. During this time it is advisable to bring a warm coat when going out.

One of the most anticipated things during winter in Da Lat is the blooming of the white radish flower as well as the sunflowers – perfect for your backdrop!

Winter Season at Da Lat, Vietnam

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