Best Sea Food Restaurants in Da Nang

Best Seafood Restaurants in Da Nang


Best seafood restaurants in Da Nang – where to start and where to go next to find the ultimate seafood haven during your visit to this city!

Quan Be Man

One of the best seafood restaurants in Da Nang that immediately comes into mind is Quan Be Man in Da Nang.

It is the busiest of seafood restaurants in the city for its fresh catch and customers sprawl outside on plastic chairs enjoying their meals.

The place is as basic as it can be but the quality of their seafood can be at par with notable luxury restaurants in Vietnam.

This no-frills, noisy restaurant is always packed with local diners. Quan Be Man’s seafood fried rice is a must-try, as well as the grilled prawns and fish steamed with lemongrass and coriander.

Note that ordering fish in Da Nang meant ordering the entire fish for one dish. Ask the proprietors to make two or more different dishes from the fish, if you want to avoid having too much of the same dish.

Quan Be Man in Da Nang, Vietnam

Bà Thôi Restaurant

Travelers would often ask the locals where the best seafood restaurant is in Da Nang and typically they’d say the BA Thai seafood restaurant.

Ba Thoi (Madam Thoi) seafood restaurant is a long-standing trademark, the name is rustic as the main character of the Vietnamese central people.

At this place, you can guarantee that the seafood served are fresh and on top of it all, it is affordable compared to other restaurants in the city.

The original Ba Thoi restaurant is located inside the city and its business is stable with the local eaters. In addition, the airy atmosphere and enthusiastic staff also contribute to the satisfaction of tourists.

Bà Thôi Restaurant in Da Nang, Vietnam

Bien Rang Restaurant

Bien Rang Restaurant is a popular gathering and dining address for many tourists when coming to Da Nang.

This restaurant secures fresh seafood from fishermen in Tho Quang and Man Thai beaches in Da Nang. On top of being a quaint place, Bien Rang offers a variety of seafood for very affordable prices.

Chefs are skilled and can cook various seafood dishes depending on your preferences.

Considered as a tasty seafood restaurant, Bien Rang restaurant is famous for steamed dishes such as steamed shrimp and fish.

The dishes at Bien Rang are carefully processed to reduce the fishy smell, using the specific method of steaming with a dedicated steam cooker to help the seafood be fragrant.

Bien Rang Restaurant in Da Nang, Vietnam

Eo Bien Seafood Restaurant

The longest running best seafood restaurant in Da Nang is Eo Bien. It has garnered its reputation for its seafood and it is a popular destination for lots of local diners and tourists.

The owner directly chooses the ingredient, freshness is always guaranteed first. And dishes here are sold at a low rate, thus the more enticing to customers.

At the restaurant, the most favorite dish for many eaters is banana braised fish. The fresh fish is cleaned, reduced fishy, and then cut into small pieces and braised with green bananas.

The chef also adds a little crushed turmeric to make both delicious and eye-catching, and to increase the flavor and to stimulate the taste, and some chili is used to make the dish more fragrant and spicy.

This windy coastal restaurant will be the place not to be missed for the meetings of tourist groups who like to enjoy tasty seafood at low prices.

Eo Bien Seafood Restaurant in Da Nang, Vientam

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