Best Places to See in Sapa

Best Places to See in Sapa


The best places to see in Sapa completes the distinct identity of the city.

Sapa is a mountain town close to the borders of China. This magnificent place is located 350 KM away from Hanoi in Lao Cai Province.

The city is known for its notable rice terraces and natural trekking routes especially on its good days – a perfect getaway from the noise of the capital.

Cat Cat village

Sapa is home to the main five ethnic groups scattered on its mountains. Cat Cat village is considered one of the oldest among the villages in Sapa and houses the H’mong ethnic group.

A strong tradition that has made the place popular is their flax and cotton production. Visitors of the village get the chance to experience these conventional techniques whilst studying its culture.

The village offers an immersive homestay program, you get a chance to live in a guesthouse of a local family and learn how H’mong people live.

Cat Cat Village in Sapa, Vietnam

Fan Si Pan

The highest mountain found in Indochina with an altitude 3,143 meters above sea level. Sure one of the best places to see in Sapa!

It spans 9 kilometers surrounding Sapa. Trekking its route, it will take someone average of 7 days to reach its peak.

There are several trekking routes depending on your stamina however, the most rewarding one is the tallest with an unrivaled panoramic view of the Hoang Lien Son.

Cable cars have recently been installed to ease the access of travelers to the summit. Enjoy a spectacular view of the mountain’s lush greens as you ascend to its summit.

Fan Si Pan in Sapa, Vietnam

Silver Waterfalls

Sapa has several regal waterfalls however, the most striking that makes it one of the best places to see in Sapa is the silver waterfalls.

With a staggering height of approximately 200 meters.

The silver waterfalls, also known as Thac Bac is a site to see with glistening white waters gushing down from the mouth of the falls.

Should you wish to have a glimpse of this ravishing falls, it is nestled 30 mins away from the main town of Sapa.

You can also trek 30 meters up to have a vantage point and see the totality of the falls. Situated a few steps away from the Silver Waterfalls is the Love Waterfalls.

According to local belief, the fairies used to bathe in the waters of the Love Waterfall thus its an awe-striking site to see.

Silver Waterfalls in Sapa, Vietnam

Muong Hoa Valley

A famous place to see in Sapa is the Muong Hoa Valley. Its rice paddies offer a striking scene and are considered the largest farmland for growing rice in Sapa.

It is located 14 kilometers from the Sapa town and takes a visitor to walk downhill to the valley.

The valley is at its best during the budding of the new rice and during harvest time which converts the lush greens into golden maze.

The best way to enjoy these amazing scenes is when on higher ground. You will also see several sceneries while strolling along the valley of Muong Hoa such as Muong Hoa River, passing through a series of terraced fields to see the hamlets of the H’Mong people as Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai, Ta Van whilst some locals are working.

Muong Hoa Valley in Sapa, Vietnam

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