Best Places to Eat in Da Nang

Best Places to Eat in Da Nang


The best places to eat in Da Nang showcases unique dishes particularly known in the city.

Know where the best places to eat in Da Nang that features special local dishes found in the city. If you’re heading to Da Nang once it’s safe to travel again, here’s a list of restaurants you should never skip during your visit!


With 27 years of experience, the Ba Muang restaurant built its reputation on serving the best Quang noodles around Da Nang. Despite having a series of noodle shops around the city, both locals and tourists prefer this restaurant over others.

Ba Mua is sprawled all throughout Da Nang, so you can be sure to find an outlet where you can enjoy a bowl of Quang noodles.

The thick and chewy noodles offer a distinct warmth as soon as it touches your tastebuds. It is often mixed with chicken, shrimp, steamed pork meat, and rolls.

Its rich and condensed broth offers an explosion of flavors enticing the belly of any customers. Quang Noodles is a dish you can enjoy at any time of the day!

Ba Mua Quang Noodles in Vietnam


The Hong Ngoc is the place to be if you fancy an addictive serving of chicken rice. It may look so simple and basic however, this dish is packed with mouthwatering fragrance and features perfectly cooked rice topped with a large crispy deep fried chicken leg.

All of these basic ingredients create the best blend of flavors complementing each other, resulting in a fine irresistible dish!

Hong Ngoc restaurant is strategically located at the heart of the city where parking spaces are easily accessible.

The chicken rice is best paired with a seaweed soup!

Hong Ngoc - Chicken Rice in Vietnam


In Asia, any meal (like any meal) is never complete without rice. In Da Nang, the Red House clay pot rice is a coveted dish.

Da Nang Red House Clay Pot Rice restaurant features classic architecture with deep red brick color. The fragrant rice is cooked in a clay pot, so it has a rustic country flavor, served with simple but rich dishes such as braised fish, braised meat, fresh-water crab soup, and boiled vegetables with fermented fish sauce, salted white eggplant with shrimp paste.

Red House Clay - Pot Rice in Vietnam


Madam Duong’s pancake deserves to be awarded as the best place to eat in Da Nang. It is located in a small alley but notes that the place can sometimes be cramped with both locals and tourists looking for Vietnamese pancakes and grilled skewered sausage.

Madam Duong’s pancake boasts a golden crust, crunchy, extremely beautiful. The plump filling includes minced meat, shrimp, bean sprouts, green beans blended in the cake batter.

This is also a delicious grilled skewered sausage restaurant in Da Nang that you can find. Skewered sausage is grilled on a charcoal stove to nearly burnt, when eaten, it can be wrapped in lettuce together with pancakes and dipped in the signature sweet & sour fish sauce.

Madam Duong Pancake in Vietnam

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