Night Markets in Ho Chi Minh

Best Night Markets in Ho Chi Minh


Aside from partying the night away, one can also enjoy shopping at the best night markets in Ho Chi Minh.

One of the notable things to do in Ho Chi Minh at night is to check their night markets. You will surely find something for a souvenir or just something to treat yourself. Just don’t forget to try and utilize those haggling skills. Also, before even going out to the night market, it might be helpful to familiarize with the currency that you have. Remember to always stay vigilant and be mindful of your personal stuff while shopping!

1. Ben Thanh Market

The Ben Thanh Night Market is the busiest night market in Ho Chi Minh with a variety of stalls, products and of course, food!

Ben Thanh fits the number one spot on the best night markets in Ho Chi Minh and thus, both locals and foreigners flock its streets at night. This market has been in operation since the last decade and was primarily established to boost tourism in the area.

At 6PM, stalls are set up in the streets by local vendors and at 7PM, the place is at its peak with several restaurant staff inviting passersby to eat at their shop. You can find a lot of stuff for sale in this market such as clothes, Vietnamese souvenirs, handy crafts, coffee, tea, bags, footwear, and many more. Although it sells similar things in the morning, this market gradually transforms at night deceiving one’s eyes.

Aside from the goods for sale, the food displays at the market are equally as inviting as the shopping galore. The food court spans less than 200 meters and is generally clean and safe to eat.

Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

2. Ba Chieu Night Market

With a history dating back to 1942, it is the oldest market in Ho Chi Minh and offers a massive selection of products. It is located in the Bình Thanh District with a large space and is fully shaded extending to its nearby streets.

The market houses numerous stalls that offer clothes, crafts, souvenirs, accessories, flip flops, and many more. Ba Chieu is also considered the go-to place for high quality budget shopping and since it is not located at the center of the city, you can expect a lesser crowd. The most common phrases you will probably here around the market would be “đắt quá” = “expensive” and “bớt đi” = “give a discount.” It is also accessible in the morning however, most customers prefer to visit at night time.

The locals around are generally friendly and inviting thus, it is okay to bargain or somehow ask for a discount. If you want to observe how locals run their business and learn the art of bargaining, this is the place to be!

Ba Chieu Night Market in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

3. Le Thi Rieng Night market

Looking for a shopping escapade without hurting your pocket? The Le Thi Rieng night market is one of the best night markets in Ho Chi Minh for its affordable goods. The market extends four wards of District 3, District 10 and the Tan Binh District.

It is known to be one of the most crowded markets in Ho Chi Minh with tons of shoppers and window-shoppers on the lookout for shiny items from clothes, sunglasses, footwear, cosmetics, and cellphone accessories to stools, tables or nylon sheets on the sidewalk.

This market is extra busy especially on weekends and year-end season and weeks prior to Tet. If ever your scheduled shopping falls on these days and occasions, expect an overwhelming crowd and congestions at night too.

Le Thi Rieng night market is also strategically close to several attractions in Ho Chi Minh. The most popular venue that is close to the market is the White Rabbit Entertainment that offers both indoor and outdoor games.

Once done, fill your belly with mouth watering street food that is available in the area such as mixed rice paper, grilled skewers, fresh cream, noodles, vermicelli, and a lot more!

Le Thi Rieng Night Market in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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