Best Jobs for Expats in Vietnam

Best Jobs for Expats in Vietnam


Best Jobs for Expats in Vietnam – brace yourself in case you want to relocate in this country soon!

Vietnam has tons of employment options to offer. Its big three cities – Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Da Nang – house plenty of foreigners. In this article, know the best jobs for expats in Vietnam. You’ll learn what options you have and around how much is the salary for each career.

English teacher

One of the famous best jobs for expats in Vietnam. English speaking foreigners have an edge in getting hired in public or private schools this includes kindergarten and language centers across the country.

The salary depends on qualifications, experience and the type of schools. The average salary ranges from $1,200 to $2,000 per month on top of attractive bonuses and rent-free apartment or transportation.

Since Vietnam is one of the Asian countries that offer low living costs, you can expect a comfortable lifestyle while enjoying the things that the country has to offer.


Freelancing has been the trend since the pandemic has started. In Vietnam, you can expect to find freelancing jobs like marketing and content writing with high paying salaries.

Vietnam may not offer the fastest internet in the world however, its internet connection is affordable and reliable at the same. Imagine working while at the country’s pristine white sand beaches or spend a rejuvenating vacation at its mountain resorts.

Aside from the country’s captivating scenery and natural wonders, the cost of living in Vietnam is around half of what you spend in the United States. This adds up to the reason why the country is an ideal destination for foreign travel bloggers and general freelancers.

F&B Staff

The country is composed of 97 million citizens. In recent years, its food and beverage market has overwhelmingly grown.

Food shops, food stalls and restaurants flood the main cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Danang. This also includes hotels and bars serving both locals and tourists at Bui Vien Street, Ta Hien-Dinh Liet-Luong Ngoc Quyen street or even at the Hoi An Ancient town.

The rapid growth of this sector has developed an immense need for manpower thus providing more employment to everyone. The most notable positions are chef, manager, bartender, waiter and a whole lot more.

English speaking foreigners have more advantage in terms of conversing with fellow foreigners. They also have more understanding of the culture as well as the secret to their taste buds thus these foreigners earn higher salary grades.

Tour operator

Vietnam’s tourism sector has been dramatically increasing over the past years. Based on the analytics of the Center for Aviation and General Statistics Office of Vietnam last 2017, almost 13 million travellers visited the country. This is 30% higher than in the past year. Thus, travel companies are one of the best places to find jobs for expats in Vietnam.

However, with the recent pandemic, the demand for tour operators has declined. But for sure, once it is safe to travel, this is an ideal job for expats.

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