Best International Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh

Best International Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh


Best international restaurants in Ho Chi Minh – the business capital of Vietnam offering a multitude of dishes!

Are you hungry and walking around Ho Chi Minh thinking about familiar dishes close to home? Here’s a good read of the best international restaurants in Ho Chi Minh.


To top our list of best international restaurants in Ho Chi Minh is Baoz. It is a piece of Hong Kong in the bustling city.

The Baoz has plenty of dishes to offer from Beijing peking duck, Chinese dumplings, scallops and a whole lot more.

Therefore, if you want an authentic taste of Hong Kong cuisine, do not miss out on Baoz.

This restaurant offers under the budget dishes allowing more visitors to easily taste bounty Hong Kong flavors and go home with a happy chubby belly.

While you can definitely find authentic Chinese, Taiwan, Singapore or Hong kong restaurants here in Saigon, people just keep coming back to Baoz for that comforting environment.

Baoz in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Choi Go Jip

Ever saw a bunch of Korean BBQ during a K-drama? Taste it in real life with Choi Co Jip.

The place is accessible – sitting on top of the Hàm Nghi street (near Bến Thành market). It is also considered the best BBQ places in town (all cuisines included).

Choi Go Jip is one of the oldest Korean restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. It features spacious and private rooms.

Each table is equipped with a grill and a ventilation system to evacuate the smoke, standard in Korean BBQ restaurants.

Choi Go Jip in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Sushi Hokkaido Sachi

Known for its ingredients used for meals, Sushi Hokkaido Sachi is a sought after Japanese restaurant.

This restaurant gathers from Japanese locals best selected ingredients, which is imported daily by air transportations, combined with fresh and luxurious domestic ingredients to bring out delicious dishes with high standard quality.

Up till now, Sushi Hokkaido Sachi is still the favourite destination of many Japanese food lovers with 9 branches scattered around the city, bringing Japanese quintessence cuisine closer to diners – in a fullest and most original way.

Sushi Hokkaido Sachi in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Baba’s Kitchen

A highly recommended Indian restaurant in Ho Chi Minh by TripAdvisor, Baba’s Kitchen is considered one of the best international restaurants in Ho Chi Minh.

It’s interiors are pretty basic but what appeals more to the frequent customers is its coziness and the quality of food served.

Baba’s Kitchen meals include freebies like a side dish or a sweet, offering the guests the over-deliver concept.

Aside from flavorful tandoors, samosas, aromas and spices of India, you’ll be impressed by the friendly and laid-back atmosphere with the private tables protected from the elements by canvas marquees.

With reasonable prices, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of iconic Indian dishes like butter chicken, palak paneer, dal fry, chicken tandoori, garlic naan and other more.

However, the must-try for when you visit is the Aloo Gobi, which is believed to be the best in the city with less curry-fried and more spice-heavy than other restaurants.

Baba's Kitchen in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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