Best Cafes in Hanoi

Best Cafes in Hanoi


Craving a sip of coffee at the best cafes in Hanoi can’t be avoided – the city has several of these shops that have enticing cups to offer.

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, with this in mind, we can surmise that this place has some of the best cafes, restaurants, attractions, and a lot more.

But this does not limit to the city alone, it all boils down to the country’s general culture and history which is a spectrum of charm.

Cafe Giang

One of the best cafes in Hanoi is the Cafe Giang and well, the most prominent among others on this list.

The Cafe Giang rose to fame due to the egg coffee. Its original recipe is derived from Vietnamese coffee topped with a blend of frothy egg yolk and condensed milk. Anyone who has tasted it would agree that it boasts the right amount of bitterness and sweetness, zesty yet creamy.

The cafe is located on an infamous street in Hanoi’s old quarter. The facade of the cafe embodies an infusion of Western and Asian architectural styles.

One can simply spend a relaxing time with a cup of its signature egg coffee or hot egg chocolate while being entertained by a Bossanova or lively music.

Cafe Giang is both popular to the locals and tourists. Most of the time, the cafe is filled with anticipating customers. For a first-time traveler in Hanoi, their egg coffee is just a must-try!

The cafe has also upgraded its signature coffee and is now also serving ice egg coffee, egg cocoa, egg green tea, egg green beans, and rum egg coffee.

Cafe Giang in Hanoi, Vietnam

Cong Caphe

Considered as a successful homegrown coffeehouse chain in Vietnam – Cong Ca Phe is one of the best cafes you’ll find in every city in the country.

The cafe is known to have a sleek nostalgic ambience with a speedy wifi thus the cafe is a go-to place for anyone needing a task done.

Its signature coffee is known as coconut coffee which has a milkshake feature exploding with sweet creamy taste!

Their signature coffee is best to cool down your extra-warm days. The Cong Ca Phe also offers a variety of baked goods and other branches serve light snacks. Few other branches come with a small gift shop at the counter where you can grab a bag of coffee or a Cộng-branded, army issue jacket, beret, or pair of leather sandals. An opportunity to shop for a souvenir you can bring home!

Cong Caphe in Hanoi, Vietnam

The Railway Hanoi (Choo Choo Cafe)

Situated at the south of Tran Phu, The Railway Hanoi or Choo Choo Cafe features an instagrammable facade due to its location. The cafe is literally just inches away from the railway. Most customers here take a snap of the train passing by while enjoying a sip of coffee or enjoying a bite.

The cafe is also filled with jazz music that brings the place alive – the best place to chill and just relax. Plus the staff are sincerely inviting and helpful.

Should you want a vantage view of the incoming train or the rail tracks, the cafe has enough space on its second floor too!

The Railway Hanoi (Choo Choo Cafe), Vietnam

Tranquil Books & Coffee

This cafe is nestled in a hidden street of Old Quarter, Hanoi. It is known for its multitude of books displayed on its walls transforming its aesthetics into a library. It is a must-see for book enthusiasts!

It offers books in English and Vietnamese characters ranging from Japanese novels to western literature. With a reading-friendly ambiance, it’s a bookworm’s haven.

The most notable feature of the cafe aside from its staggering book collections is its “coffee beans”. The cafe offers Western-style coffee alongside a variety of Vietnamese coffee. Its coconut caramel is made of 80% arabica with 20% robusta mixed with a splash of coconut milk. Its spiced Chai latte garners popularity with its notably strong yet sweet taste.

The cafe roasts cinnamon sticks with its coffee beans resulting in a unique scent that fills the place with a gleeful aroma making it more than worthy of being one of the best cafes in Hanoi.

At night, the cafe transforms into a lively place with live music performances or open mic sessions where anyone who’s up to sing a song, tell a story, or even share an anecdote is free to perform on stage.

Tranquil Books & Coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam

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