Best Burger Joints in Hanoi

Best Burger Joints in Hanoi


Who wouldn’t be looking for the best burger joints in Hanoi? Being the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi is home to a wide variety of cuisines that appeal to every nationality that visit.

The Canteen

One of the best burger joints in Hanoi is “The Canteen”. It is mostly popular among students in the city for its affordable price but packed with flavours. The bun and the patty is also great. The Canteen’s menu includes beef and chicken burger, in addition to Korean black soy noodles, pasta and drinks.

Its most famous burger that is a must try is their fried chicken burger. If you’re looking at beef burgers, it’s priced from 18,000 – 45,000 VND each. 

The Canteen is notable for their deep fried chicken and beef that are still moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. You might think that due to its cheap price, it doesn’t offer anything much but these burgers can go head-to-head with KFC or McDonald’s. 

Dropping by to The Canteen would be better than having their burgers delivered, besides, it’s best to eat them while they’re warm. 

The Canteen burger joints in Hanoi, Vietnam

SunKat’s Burger

The SunKat’s Burger is one of the burger joints in Hanoi that passed that fits the European standards. 

This joint is also highly recommended in Tripadvisor and has been praised a couple of times by a lot of tourists. 

This burger joint also offers a vegetarian which comes with a desired fillings. Another unique thing about the Sunkat’s is that their menu doesn’t have any fixed price per burger as it depends on the composition of the burger you have created. 

First you have to select your preferred bun – ordinary or vegan buns. Then, you have to choose which patty you’d like to add on your burger, the selections are chicken, beef, or vegan. And lastly, add the toppings from their selection – eggs, bacon, shrimp, vegetables, cheese and sauce for your burger.

You can also grab some of their side dishes like salad and chips. They also have a spacious area to dine overlooking the lake. 

Don’t be surprised, as you enter the establishment you will notice tons of tourists too! 

SunKat's Burger in Hanoi, Vietnam

Chops – Hops, Wheat & Meat

This restaurant offers a variety of meat patties for your burger from beef, lamb, chicken, to fish. Since the owners are all foreigners, their burgers have a unique taste with over 18 burgers to choose from. 

What sets this burger joint apart from the rest are its crispy onion toppings, mushroom and chickpea sauce. 

Price ranges from 85,000 to 150,000 VND and expect an intimate style bar space. 

Chops- Hops, Wheat and Meat in Hanoi, Vietnam

The Moose and Roo Pub and Grill

This small burger joint in the old town is one of the most delicious in Hanoi. Its beef is imported from Australia and is cooked by foreign chefs. The joint offers two classic types of burgers Australian chicken and beef, partnered with salad or potato chips. 

Since the main meat of the patties are imported from Australia, these burgers don’t come cheap but surely worth your money. 

The joint offers a comfortable space with a noticeable large screen and it also serves a selection of beer – best place to enjoy with friends especially avid sports fans. 

Aside from burgers, this establishment also offers delectable European dishes that you should never miss!

Moose and Roo Pub and Grill in Hanoi, Vietnam

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