Buffet Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh

Best Buffet Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh


There are several best buffet restaurants in Ho Chi Minh that will surely satisfy one’s big appetite.

If you’re looking for an eat-all-you-can restaurant in the city, here’s a list of the best buffet restaurants in Ho Chi Minh that you should never miss!

Hoang Yen Restaurant

The Hoang Yen is the most popular buffet restaurant in Ho Chi Minh. The restaurant serves local authentic Vietnamese dishes alongside international mouthwatering ones too!

They are known for their superb, finely selected dishes, space and service. It also has the freshest ingredients and executive chefs.

Most diners say the restaurant is worth the price. With a wide array of food selection from bite-size appetizers, main courses, and desserts – all of which bring immense satisfaction to anyone’s taste buds!

The restaurant also offers a selection of salad and soup adding up to a hearty meal. The buffet costs 325,000 VND for lunch on weekdays and 430,000 VND for dinner.

On weekends, 375,000 VND for lunch while 495,000 VND. Click here for their complete price list including wines and beer!

Hoang Yen Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Hotel Nikko Saigon Buffet

The Hotel Nikko Saigon Buffet offers an all-day buffet at 1,200,000++ net which already includes French wine, Sapporo beer, soft drinks, and refreshing cocktails.

This buffet restaurant in Ho Chi Minh is actually in a popular five star hotel which garnered top ratings from Tripadvisor.

Some ingredients for their dishes are actually imported from other countries such as their Size A lobster, Tsar Oysters, Sashimi, Mussel, and Wagyu beef.

Hotel Nikko Saigon Buffet in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Café Cardinal- The Reverie Saigon

The Cafe Cardinal Saigon offers an array of buffet selections from Seafood Friday buffet, Sunday Brunch, and French-style afternoon tea buffets from Friday to Sunday.

One of the most notable things aside from the food they offer is their aesthetics and interiors. The Cafe Cardinal sparkles in luxury with their floor-to-ceiling windows accentuated by marble pillars and flooring.

Breakfast and lunch are served buffet or a la carte. They also offer made-to-order dishes as such buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, black cod with chorizo, and wok-fried lobster sprinkled with black peppercorn.

Café Cardinal- The Reverie Saigon in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Cham Charm Restaurant

Cham Charm Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh nestled in District 7. Known as an area of real estate and the iconic Anh Sao Bridge, there are several notable restaurants that can be found in the area.

The restaurant serves 130 dishes from Asia and Europe. Note that the costs for their buffet are higher compared to other typical buffet restaurants in Ho Chi Minh.

Cham Charm Restaurant’s most noticeable feature is its aesthetics and interiors. From the outside, it feels like you are about to enter a palace. Its indoor interiors are filled with intricate engravings to its walls adding up to the luxurious vibe of the place.

Cham Charm Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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