Best Apps to Book Hotels in Vietnam

Best Apps to Book Hotels in Vietnam


Vietnam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. With its impeccable beauty, rich history and culture, irresistible culinary masterpieces and the people itself – there are just tons of reasons why this country has captured the hearts of the many.

Due to the demand in travel and tourism, the need for a more innovative approach to book accommodation has immensely evolved through the years, and yes, just a couple of fidgeting on the phone – and voila, you just booked flights, accommodation, activities, and tours – basically, your whole trip! Book hotels in Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Ha Long, or wherever is your preferred city to explore is just a few taps away – super fast and convenient!

Curious where to book your travel accommodation after knowing the travel updates in Vietnam?

  1. AGODA – The most popular online hotel booking app

Agoda has been a well-known online brand across the world specializing in online bundled accommodation and flights booking. It is also the main choice for travelers heading to Vietnam. With over 7,000 partnered hotels in Asia and more than 33,000 hotels worldwide it doesn’t come as a surprise that it has conquered 110 countries.

Most partnered 3-star hotels found in Agoda have a large market share thus if you are wondering how come other booking options can’t match their price then there you have it!

Aside from the economical prices found here, travellers love using Agode due to its straightforward interface. The convenience of shifting hotel specifications based on your own preferences is a plus for users. Not to mention it has several frequent promotions and discounts that will help you save some money like preferential programs for old customers and former members; special offers when buying through a special partner’s link; incentives associated with banks.

If you haven’t followed the Agoda app yet, now is the chance to hunt for a 5-star hotel room and gain 30% off.

Agoda app in Vietnam
  1. – Book and cancel easily thanks to its postpaid feature

Fueled by its goal to simplify its users to travel experience, is known to be the largest online booking platform in the world. With over 70 network countries, it offers a wide range of accommodation options from budget to luxury.

One thing to note on the prices shown in is that these are all-inclusive rates with no additional hidden charges. Aside from its uniquely economical pricing, let’s you prepay your payment or by cash.

Payment by cash is upon check-in and you can cancel on a certain period without incurring cancellation fees. app in Vietnam
  1. Airbnb – App for booking prestigious homestay and known for providing homestay options for travellers and is used worldwide. It similarly functions like the online booking platforms above however, Airbnb focuses on offering apartments, villas, studios, penthouses, hotels, and hostels.

Airbnb allows the user to directly connect with a home/property owner for any queries or requests and sometimes even negotiations.

Travellers can find luxury boutique resorts or an inexpensive space to live with the locals. You can also have the option for longer stays at fixed discounted rates depending on what has been agreed upon by the traveller and the owner.

Conveniently there are also properties that will allow you to do self check-in which are both beneficial for the traveller and the property owner.

Airbnb app in Vietnam
  1. Traveloka – An easy flight, accommodation and tour online platform that has recently emerged focusing on Southeast Asian countries.

Something to anticipate with Traveloka is that it releases discount codes for up to 60% every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It also has price comparison features for checking out available flights on your desired dates at no booking fee or charges imposed to the users.

Traveloka can also help travellers find exciting activities to do in a place such as things to do in Ho Chi Minh at night and several group tours.

Traveloka app in Vietnam

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