Aviation Authority imposes fine

Aviation Authority Imposes $130 Fine on Airline Passengers Without Masks


The Civil Aviation Authority imposes $130 fine on airline passengers that are not adhering to COVID-19 prevention protocols.

A published statement was added on the Civil Aviation Authority’s official website on Monday regarding strict compliance of the COVID-19 regulations.

This is in preparation for the upcoming Lunar New Year festival which brings more travellers across the country.

According to the decree, airlines are mandated to disseminate any substantial details on sanctions following any violations against COVID-19 preventive measures.

These preventive measures include but not limited to wearing masks and submitting health information. Failure to comply will result in a fine between 1-3 million VND.

Vietnam has recently broken its COVID-19 free streak of almost three months when a Vietnam Airlines attendant based in Ho Chi Minh failed to comply with the mandatory quarantine process and infected three other patients.

The country is trying to polish and administer its COVID-19 prevention measures as the winter season is coming.

In the capital city, anyone without masks will be prohibited to enter into public spaces. To ensure that these guidelines are followed, officials are then called to orchestrate especially at notable establishments such as malls and supermarkets, hospitals and bus stations.

The country has noted 1,397 COVID-19 cases to count wherein 118 patients remain active. 35 of which were deceased, mostly elders with latent health conditions.

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