Authentic Vietnamese Restaurants in Hanoi

Authentic Vietnamese Restaurants in Hanoi


Authentic Vietnamese Restaurants in Hanoi adds up to the plethora of delectable dishes this city offers.

Hanoi is home to the finest authentic Vietnamese restaurants, some are even established decades ago – years of providing culinary satisfaction to food enthusiasts’ taste buds.

Hanoi Garden Restaurant

This authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi has been around for 20 years. It has reopened at its original location in Old Quarter, Hanoi where its owners are the second generation of the family.

Under the new management, this restaurant was refurbished into a modern design spearheaded by Ho Thieu Tri – a well known architect who helped renovate the Hanoi Opera house way back in 1994.

The Hanoi Garden Restaurant follows a French style with some twist of foreign influences. The food is delicately plated and flavorful – just like how authentic cuisines are cooked.

It is a perfect dining place for its tranquil ambience accentuated by a waterfall surrounded by lunch greens with flickering candles!

Hanoi Garden Restaurant, Vietnam

Luk Lak

Nestled in one of the old streets near the Hanoi Opera House, Luk Lak offers a twist of authentic Vietnamese dishes infused with contemporary cooking.

Its kitchen is headed by chef Madame Binh which reshaped several local dishes. Luk lak is known for its aesthetics and disposition.

Its interiors follow a two-tone combination of red and blue duck neck which creates an illusion of opulent yet prime finish to the restaurant.

The Luk Lak is not only an ideal dining option but also a preferred meetup place for young adults to sip a cup of coffee with friends.

Luk Lak in Hanoi, Vietnam

Mâm Cơm Việt Restaurant

The Mâm Cơm Việt Restaurant serves as a significant essence of Vietnamese traditions, cultures and local values.

With its effort to help connoisseurs learn more about authentic Vietnamese culinary masterpieces it mainly serves local dishes – thus it is one of the best authentic Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi.

The restaurant’s menu is categorized based on season and holidays. From the spring set, the autumn set, Tet holiday set, and Full moon set.

With all of the food set on their menu, it can be quite a challenge to choose which is which. To help you choose, the best sellers of the restaurant are Hanoi grilled pork (Bun cha Hanoi), Grilled beef in coconut (Bo nuong trai dua), and rice noodles with fried tofu and fried nuggets (Bun dau cha com).

Mâm Cơm Việt Restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam

Chusa Vietnamese Cuisine

The more serene and hushed street of Au Trieu hides one of the most notable authentic Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi.

The restaurant appeals more to the modern young adults for a dose of coffee and of course, a taste of genuine local cuisine.

Its aesthetics follow a rustic industrial design with white-brown finishing. Traveling through a memory lane as its interiors reveal a peculiar hint of the past but intriguingly leaving you wanting for more!

Each dish is served in generous amounts best for eating with a group. Most diners eating all by themselves leave with a half-eaten plate (definitely a must-go for avid eaters!) Its dishes are best paired with Vietnamese lager, craft beer, and wine.

One of the highly recommended dishes served in this restaurant is their pineapple fried rice.

Chusa Vietnamese Cuisine in Hanoi, Vietnam

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