Authentic Asian Restaurant

Authentic Asian Restaurant Soon to Rise in the next Expat hub – Thao Dien


The Thao Dien area is gaining so much attention from Expats that it could be the next Bui Vien Street in Vietnam. It is known for its repose sophisticated environment and sprawling low walk up buildings – a short escape from the busy streets of Central Saigon. 

Like Bui Vien, the area is swarmed with cafes, restaurants and boutique shops. It is one of the best places to be in Vietnam. 

In addition to these establishments, a new and intriguing restaurant will soon rise at No. 1, Street 49B, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. 
Asiatique will open its doors by December offering authentic Asian cuisines from famous countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and of course, the menu won’t be perfect without a taste of famous Vietnamese dishes.

The restaurant will serve coffee and breakfast meals in the morning and would prepare to sell lunchboxes during lunch time for regular 9-5 people and students. 

At night time, the restaurant comes into life transforming the whole vibe into a party place with alcoholic drinks, delectable food and live bands accentuated by led lights.

The restaurant itself is semi-open allowing cool breeze and a fun time under a sea of clouds or twinkling stars at night. It has a series of long tables to accommodate friends and families bonding together over mouth watering dishes.

A modern design building with striking black and red furnishings with interesting graffiti on some of its walls, it also offers a wide space for parking so you can bring the whole gang along. 
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