Activities You Can do in Ho Chi Minh During the Day

A list of notable activities that you can do in Ho Chi Minh during the day aside from trip adventures and shopping.


Saigon Food Tour

One of the easiest thing you can do in Ho Chi Minh during the day is a food tour. Vietnam has a diverse food culture that has won the taste buds of different individuals across the world.

From a huge variety of rice dishes to sandwiches and noodle soups.

One must-try is the Vietnamese signature soup Pho, and the Banh Mi sandwich. Ho Chi Minh is the business capital of the country.

Vietnamese food with its diverse cuisine is well-known beyond the country. There is everything from rice dishes to sandwiches or noodle soups. You should absolutely try the Vietnamese soup Pho and our favorite Vietnamese dish, the Banh Mi sandwich.

As the busiest city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh has thousands of street food stalls, shops and restaurants. One of the most common scenes you will notice in the streets are people sitting on small chairs eating or drinking with friends – one of the best activities you can do in Ho Chi Minh during the day!

This is also a perfect opportunity to get to know the locals and meet people. Most street stalls offer beer and some snacks to go with it too.

Cinema Time

Who’d miss a chance to drop by a cinema in Ho Chi Minh? Another activity you can do in the city during the day is to watch an English movie!

The place is comfy with air conditioning – another great way to escape the warm temperature of the bustling city.

Refreshing dip at a swimming pool

The humidity in the city can be quite uncomfy and bothersome at times especially when you are not used to it. However, to freshen you up, there are several swimming pool options in the city.

Well, some Hotels have a swimming pool, and it is not necessary to sleep and stay at the hotels to use the swimming pool.

Normally, there is an entrance fee.

So make sure you ask in advance what does this fee include to avoid any surprise.

Relax at Thao Cam Vien

A hint of the tropics in Ho Chi Minh is the Thao Cam Vien. The place houses the Saigon Zoo which occupies most of the place and the Botanical Gardens.

The botanical garden is full of lush greens and local vegetation creating wonderful scenery in the middle of the city.

Thao Cam Vien is considered the number one site in Ho Chi Minh to hang out, relax and escape the unnerving sound of the busy streets.

Sai Gon Nightlight

Sai Gon Nightlight is flooded with bars, live music, lounges and dance floors. The whole street magically transforms into a vibrant scene packed with neon lights at night.

Attracting both locals and tourists alike.

Come to Bui Vien and Pham Ngu Lao Street, you can’t miss the chance to gulp down a glass of the popular drink – Bia Hoi, draft beer which is essential to surviving the tropical heat of the south.

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